Friday, June 20, 2008

my man

I can't believe you're already five - not because it means I'm five years older or you're getting bigger but because it means simply that five years have come and gone and it feels as though I've missed it - blink. I was in class when you said your first word and took your first step. It killed me to come home and hear that you did these things without me. But I am so impressed by the fact that you did these on your terms - and that a shaky step has become a fleet footed romp, and a mispronounced word has become a thoughtful compliment or a brilliant observation. You are becoming an impressive young man. I love how active you are (most of the time) - I am so proud to see you outrun or outlast EVERY other kid around, and I envy your rocket arm. It's astounding how quickly you figure things out - you really are a mechanical genius. At two, when you couldn't say "radio" you were able to toddle yourself down to Aunties's, turn on her clock radio (little switch in back), dance your little heart out, then turn it off and toddle back up the stairs when you were done. Brilliant! I love your spirit of fairness and generosity - the way you follow the rules and the way you care for your sister. I feel honored to be your father - you amaze me every day. You say you want to be just like me, but I want you to be better and in so many ways you already are - keep it up little man


Nataluscious said...

I love this. It's priceless.

Mosoba said...


this is a great thing especially knowing that men get to draw their identities from the man in their life - their father. Do not let this childs role, gender(masculinity), life and purpose to chance but as daddy, you have a unique (and often not celebrated) opportunity to mould him to be all that he should and could be.

Go for it, go.