Thursday, October 30, 2008

"there's a brown thing stuck in my underwear"

so we're having dinner, and K1 is excused due to a poor appetite (read: attitude). he's getting ready for bed, going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, calling downstairs every 2 minutes with an inane question just to maintain his connection with us - the usual. the rest of us are still eating. so he yells down "there's a brown thing stuck in my underwear" and N and i grab our heads and look deep into our laps and try desperately not to laugh, or lose our dinner. and the first thought in my head was "blackmail". buddy, from this moment on i own you. you miss curfew, i'm sitting your pals down in front of this posting, and already relishing the blush on your cheeks. you ever ding my car, i'm texting this post to every one on your friends list. you start to "pull away" to spend more time with some hot little number, i'll email her this link.
love you buddy - always


April said...

By far my favorite post ever. I love it!

Buschfest said...


middystone said...

That's our kid ~ time to start teaching him that honest isn't always a good thing :)